Jill Wooley Toronto

Toronto, Ontario 0 comments

We hired Jill Wooley for some of her design services and the experience was TERRIBLE.She charges an arm and a leg compared with the other designers we connected with after this nightmare ended.

Word on the street is that she sue's clients left and right, using her boyfriend (partner with a large law firm) to provide resources to drag you into court.

If you are considering using her ask her (1) how many of her clients has she sued - if the answer is less than 4 walk away , (2) is her boyfriend a litigaror, (3) request a copy of all of her design degrees and formal training, and (4) ask for a complete list of the last 20 clients so you can pick which one's to speak to, and (5) get formal written quotes from others in the industry to compare to.Buyer Beware.

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